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The Newsletter Add-on Bundle

The Newsletter Add-on Bundle

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Welcome to your email marketing makeover—The Newsletter Template Bundle. Consider it your creative sidekick for crafting emails that are as fun to send as they are to read!

15 dynamic layouts, Canva-friendly, all geared up and ready for your creative touch.  Whether you're flaunting stunning properties, sharing market savvy, or nurturing client connections, these templates make it a breeze with built-in examples and strategy. 

No design skills? No problem! Just a few clicks, and these layouts are ready to make your emails pop. They're like your virtual paintbrush, adding that 'wow' factor to your every message.

Say goodbye to dull and hello to emails that engage, impress, and nurture leads.  


• 15 mix-and-match Canva newsletter templates
• Variety of colours and styles 
• Built-in strategy 
• Video walkthrough 

From chic editorial designs to vibrant and modern styles, we've curated a treasure trove that speaks to every occasion and taste. These layouts don't just look great; they're designed to drive engagement and success.

Elevate your email marketing game with a touch of style, a dash of strategy, and a whole lot of ease. Our Canva Newsletter Template Bundle is your secret weapon for turning clicks into conversions while having a blast crafting them."

The Rules

1. These are digital products. We cannot and DO NOT offer refunds. What we do instead is (oh so helpfully and clearly) lay everything out for you in our product images, so there are zero surprises post-purchase. We love it when you’re happy, and we do everything we can to make sure you know EXACTLY what you’re getting! 

2. Your purchase includes a license for one end-user, which means these templates are non-transferable. (But ask us about our affiliate marketing if you want to make a few extra dolla’ dolla’ bills AND spread the word about Fourth Street Templates!) 

3. Copyright. We own the rights to these designs, which means you cannot resell them. (But, hey, if you’re into making a little extra moolah, definitely refer to that point above...!)

4. Pro images. We try our best to source free images. Sometimes, we get excited and can’t help but dip our design toes into the Canva Pro image library (sooooo good!). If you’re a free Canva user, you’ll need to replace those images with free ones, which you can easily do by heading over to our fave stock photo spots on the web: and (Promise you’ll fall in love!)

A Peek at the Goods

A Peek at the Goods

+Completely customizable templates for Canva. Download the “Quick Start” PDF, click the button inside, and be magically whisked away to your brand-new template! 

+Immediate access to our resource library chock-full of helpful video walkthroughs so you’re never really designing alone All graphics and images provided by,, or (feel free to sub in your fave free stock images or listing images of course!) 

+Options to easily create print-ready or digital material (add those video testimonials, 360 tours, or property website links in seconds!)

+A+ support whenever you need it – we’re standing by and ready to help anytime you need a little extra hand-holding!

Why Fourth Street Templates

+These ain’t your brokerage’s templates. We work hard to create designs that work with your unique brand style and make them just as beautiful as any custom designs out there (trust us – we’ve checked!)

+The possibilities are endless. Customize to your heart’s content! Canva makes design so simple, thanks to drag-and-drop capabilities and never-ending tools and resources that’ll make your Fourth Street Templates your go-to marketing tool for years to come. 

+Savvy (design) sage included! No “Bye Felicia” happening over here! We’re available and oh so happy to jump in and lend a helping hand when you need it.

+What you see is what you get. We lay it ALL out for you so you know exactly what you’re jumping into. No surprises. Ever.

+Say buh-bye to complicated ...anything. No programs to download and install. No fancy design degree necessary. Just a FREE Canva account and a template intentionally created with you and your unique business in mind! (Commence warm and fuzzies in 3, 2, 1…)

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Drool-Worthy Add-Ons

  • Using Canva to edit your template design to fit your brand means never needing a design degree to have stellar marketing. Just Drag and drop your images, easily change colour and fonts across ALL of your design and enjoy your new marketing material in minutes!

    Zero limits, amazing results.

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